Handwritingbot Instructions for use

Can my students log in with a QR code? Yes - go to 2:38 in the above video

Can I print the text I've created? Yes - take a screenshot. You can paste your screenshot into a word processing program then format the picture to adjust the transparency. To do this in Microsoft Word, take a screenshot using your computer's screenshot tool, go to insert menu in WORD; insert picture from file. Then double click on the picture and come to the 'format picture' menu. Click on the 'picture' icon (the 4th icon) then adjust the transparency.

Why aren't there any cursive scripts? We are currently working on these! While we can’t accurately state when then they will be available, they are in the pipeline. Hopefully early 2025.

How can I unblock handwritingbot for my school? In QLD, the human resources department unblocks websites by region, so some regions have it unblocked but others do not. HR QLD has said to contact your principal for them to contact HR to unblock it! Let us know if you are from another state or country and have problems or fixed this problem!

How do I cancel my subscription? Email us at [email protected]

Why won't dictation work on iPad? log in again and when it asks "App.handwritingbot.com.au" Would like to Access the Microphone, press "Allow"

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